Past Workshops - Period 2000 - 2001
Since 1984 specialized Workshops are organized by ISSCT between two Congresses. These Workshops are held for one discipline or may combine two disciplines. The list of Workshops for the five last inter-congress periods is given below. No proceedings are published for Workshops but the list of presentations, various abstracts and a formal workshop report can be accessed on the website.

PERIOD 2000 - 2001

4th ISSCT Entomology workshop

7 - 10 February, 2000 Khon Kaen, Thailand
Peter Allsopp, Chairman, ISSCT Entomology Section

VI ISSCT Sugar Cane Pathology Workshop
Roger Bailey, Chairman, Pathology Section

ISSCT Agricultural Engineering Workshop
23 - 28 July, 2000, Malelane, South Africa
Eddie Meyer, Chairman, Agricultural Engineering Section

Agronomy workshop
2 - 6 December 2000, Florida
Dr. E.P Richard, Chairman, ISSCT Agronomy Section

Breeding Workshop
13 - 17 November 2000, Barbados
Dr. William Lee Burnquist, Chairman, Breeding Section

Energy & Engineering Workshop
23 - 27 October 2000, Mauritius
Dr. Victor Mason, Chairman, Energy and Engineering Section

Molecular Biology Workshop
17 - 18 September, 2001, Brisbane, Australia
Dr. Frikkie Botha, Chairman, Molecular Biology Section

Processing Workshop
19 - 20 September, 2001, Brisbane, Australia
Mr. G.R.E. Lionnet, Chairman, Processing Section