Past Workshops - Period 1995 - 1999
Since 1984 specialized Workshops are organized by ISSCT between two Congresses. These Workshops are held for one discipline or may combine two disciplines. The list of Workshops for the five last inter-congress periods is given below. No proceedings are published for Workshops but the list of presentations, various abstracts and a formal workshop report can be accessed on the website.

PERIOD 1995 - 1999

Engineering and energy workshop on factory design
24 - 28 Feb 1997, Pakistan
Florenal Zarpelon Chairman, Engineering & Energy Section

Agronomy 15 - 19 September, 1997
Host: Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations (BSES) - AUSTRALIA
G. Mc Mahon

Molecular Biology/Pathology 12 - 16 May, 1997
Host: South Africa Sugar Association Experiment Station (SASEX)
R. Bailey

Joint Agricultural Engineering & Factory Processing 24 - 28 November, 1997
Effect of Field Mechanization on Factory Performance
Host: Centro de Investigacion y Asistencia Técnica del Estado de Querétaro. A.C.(Ciateq) - MEXICO
J. Lewinski

5th ISSCT Breeding & Germplasm Workshop 18 - 22 May, 1998
Efficiency of Sugar Cane Breeding
Host: Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute - Reduit
Mr. Robert Domaingue